Complimentary 30min Session for New Clients (FREE) - Introductory call to test-drive coaching and see if it would be a good fit!  Email leeknight (at) to set up your session today.

Customized Coaching Engagement - Typical engagements are between 1-3 months and offer personalized attention to your specific situation through weekly one-on-one conference calls (45min). Most clients find this to be the most effective way to work together.  These sessions also include mid-week exercises to accelerate learning, integrate new thinking, and do research when appropriate.  Customized coaching engagements are the most popular and allow you to work quickly to arrive at your answer.

Rates (per 4 sessions):  $200 by phone/skype ($250 in person, $150 full-time students, flexible based on your situation).

If you think this might be right for you, schedule a Complimentary 30min Session by email today to see if it's a good fit. You'll discuss your specific situation, answer a few questions, and together we can determine the appropriate type and length of engagement. * NOTE:  All sessions are by phone or skype; clients can be anywhere in the US or abroad.

**NEW** Career Guidebook - Many of the same exercises used in a typical coaching engagement can be found in this Career Guidebook. This is perfect for someone who wants to investigate and research their next professional step, thinking through various options on their own timeline. Written as a workbook, this is a compilation of proven career coaching exercises to help you better understand your interests, strengths, and desired lifestyle.  

You can access $600 of coaching for just $49...BUT, for a limited time, enter promo code 15OFF for $15 off, and it's just $34!

Get-On-Track, Stay-On-Track Package (1 hr sessions) - Designed to give you a fresh start, this is perfect for New Year's, birthdays, the beginning of the school year, spring cleaning, etc. Let a professional coach lead you through a structured process to help you outline your goals and create an action plan to stay focused.

To stay on track throughout the year, clients are encouraged to set up discussions monthly, quarterly, or every 6 months
Rates: 1x per year = $80/session, 2x per year = $70/session, 3x per year = $60/session, 4x per year = $50/session. Schedule 4x per year to have the greatest impact (4 consecutive months of accountability!).

**NEW** Personal 360 Assessment - Coming soon! This includes a Self-Evaluation (questions about who you are, how you think you're seen by others, your strengths/challenges, etc.) and a Personal 360 (an email survey that asks 10 people you designate to be your "Circle of Feedback" to answer questions about you). The final compiled report offers insight into "blind spots" and areas for personal/professional development.  

Workshops/Speaking Engagements - Customized group sessions, ideal for work-groups, volunteer organizations, sports teams, activity groups, summer associates, etc. Take a look at some of the recent workshops hosted around the country! If you're interested in having me as a speaker, or to facilitate a group session/workshop, please email me: lee(at)  

Please note:  This should not be considered a substitute for services provided by a health professional, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, or mental health specialist.  If you are currently seeing someone like this, you might consider focusing your efforts with them.  I will refer you to these professionals if your need is outside my scope.